Easy Feet Footcare


Basic Toenail Trimming and Filing

If cutting your own nails is becoming difficult or you simply need a bit of pampering I can provide this service.  Finger nails can be trimmed at the same time as toenails at a small additional charge and I will add a slick of colour if this is your preference. 



These are those irritating small circles of hard skin that can develop on the soles of your feet or on top or at the side of toes. These occur because of pressure and often because of the feet rubbing inside shoes or extra pressure on the skin from lack of cushioning or too high a heel. There are 5 different types of corn, however I can safely and comfortably treat all types. 


Calluses (Hard Skin)​

Hard skin is also caused by friction and often has a yellowed appearance.  It may or may not be problematic but it can be safely removed and I can offer advice on how to avoid or minimise hard skin.


Cracked heels and dry skin​

​Cracked heels can be painful and can be caused by a variety of reasons. I can provide advice and treatment to help prevent further discomfort.

Thickened nails​

As we get older our toe nails naturally become thicker and may break more easily and the condition isn't necessarily a cause for concern. I can reduce the thickness of nails to improve their appearance and provide advice on how to look after them.


Ingrown toenails​

I can provide advice and support for ingrowing toenails.  These are often caused by the nail curling and growing into the skin and can be painful.



These are HPVs or warts of the feet and are caused by a virus. They do take some time to completely go but I can help with treatment and advice.

Athletes foot

Another common complaint but again I can help with treatment and advice.


Fungal nail infections 

These usually start at the edge of the nail and work towards the where the nail will become discoloured and start to break off.  I can help with the treatment of this condition and provide advice on preventing its reoccurrence in the future.